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Welcome to Dancing Bison Enterprises
Independent software developer, trainer and author. Creator of xtopdf.

jugad2 - VR on software innovation

Article on xtopdf written for Packt Publishing
Creating PDF Output from Plain Text, DBF, CSV, TDV, and XLS Data
"Now creating PDFs from Python is even easier" - Steve Holden, Chairman, Python Software Foundation
"Thank you for xtopdf, which I am using for e-discovery work at the SFLC."
- Aaron Williamson, Lawyer and Programmer, Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC)
"My sys admin and I like xtopdf. We use it in our book production workflow at Packt."
- Marketing Manager, Packt Publishing

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Article written for IBM developerWorks
Developing a Linux command-line utility
Chinese translation of the article (by IBM)
Japanese translation of the article (by IBM)
"Your Linux utility article helped us to create a command-line tool"
Dr. Ram Srinivasan, VP, Tellytopia

A vi quickstart tutorial
first published in Linux For You magazine

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